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The automotive recycling industry is continuously growing and changing, and to the challenges of positive change offers a variety of stable, long-term career opportunities.

Listed below are career opportunities available in the automotive recycling industry generally for persons willing to work towards making a contribution to the automotive in exchange for good pay, benefits and an opportunity to grow in a rewarding career environment.

Note: These are types of positions available periodically through your local automotive dismantler and recycler. They are NOT positions to be filled by the G-A-R-A.


Mechanics must be proficient in the repair and maintenence of a wide range of vehicles from light trucks to heavy equipment as well as other equipment that may require repair maintenence. Mechanics must have their own tools.

Purchasing Agents

Purchasers must be knowledgeable in the prices of motor vehicles salvage values. At facilities, purchasers are also responsible for the purchasing of scrap metals.

Sales - Telephone & Counter

Sales personnel must enjoy dealing with people, have a pleasant personality and telephone skills. Sales personnel must also possess a knowledge of motor vehicle parts and accessories.

Shipping Specialists

Shipping specialists are required to prepare for the shipment of parts large and small. Shipping specialists must be aware of local, state and federal regulations regarding the of potentially hazardous materials.

Yard Crewman

Yard crewmen are responsible for general duties in the vehicle storage compound, including the placement and removal of vehicles.

Automotive recycling facilities are drug-free workplaces. Employers may require periodic random drug testing of employees.

Computer Specialists

Computer specialists must be knowledgeable of computer programming, software and hardware systems and must be capable of troubleshooting computer problems.

Customer Service Representatives


Dismantlers must have a substantial knowledge and background in motor vehicle mechanics. Dismantlers are responsible for the removal of parts and accessories from motor vehicles for inventory and stocking. Dismantlers must have their own tools.

Drivers - Light Truck to Towing & Recovery Vehicles

Drivers may operate delivery vehicles, such as light trucks or vans, towing and recovery vehicles including tow trucks and roll-backs. Drivers must have a clean C-D-L license. Drivers must possess a knowledge of the surrounding area with a 100 mile radius.

Heavy Equipment Operators

Heavy equipment operators must be proficient in the operation of a wide range of heavy equipment, including fork-lifts, bull dozers, cranes, and auto crushers.

Inventory Manager

Inventory Stockman

Inventory stockmen are responsible for the proper shelving and stocking of inventory in the parts warehouse areas.